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1995 Teacher Barbie

1995 Teacher Barbie
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Box Date: 1995
Condition Purchased: (doll in middle) new; (first & third dolls) used
Body Type: 1966; Twist 'n Turn waist; one bent arm, one Shani arm; ring hole; bend & snap knees
Head Mold: blonde doll 1976; Hispanic doll 1990; pierced ears
Variations: Blonde; African American; Hispanic
Important Notes: The Teacher set consisted of Barbie and two schoolchildren, a boy and girl.

Personal Fun Fact: If I had to make a list of the top ten most iconic Barbies, Teacher Barbie might make that list. She was a notorious figurehead in our collection for years. And to this day, I can't help but be massively excited anytime I see other Teacher Barbies. And despite owning three beauties, I still would LOVE to get a boxed set one day, so I could relish the joy of opening it. Of course, it does help that I don't have duplicated accessories for the most part, and many of our childhood ones are trashed. Speaking of our childhood doll, the lady in the middle is the one that Colleen got when we were younger. She was probably one of the earliest store bought Barbies in our collection. Colleen planned out well in advance that she was going to get Teacher Barbie. I'm thinking that this doll was a bit more expensive back then, considering she came with a battery operated chalkboard, two kid dolls, and some accessories. Colleen didn't have quite enough money to buy Teacher herself, when she found her at a store, so I remember lending her some of my allowance money. I think it sort of was a birthday gift from me...but I don't remember anymore. Although we didn't have the best sisterly bond as very young girls, Colleen and I did oftentimes help each other purchase dolls. Anyways Teacher was one of Colleen's favorite Barbies. Even though I would have thought the two kids would be the bigger hit, Barbie herself was. Colleen was very enamored by her--and she was one of the few Barbies Colleen really connected with when we were growing up. Most of the time she preferred Barbie's family members, like Ken, Stacie, Skipper, Kelly, etc. Barbie's name was Teacher...I know, so creative (insert sarcastic eye roll here). But who was I to judge...I named Ocean Friends Barbie "Whale Barbie" until she was renamed Deenie. Teacher used to date Hollywood Hair Ken, aka Jeffrey. I recall their romantic dates in the hot tub in Colleen's fancy clone gazebo. She was the older sister to Colleen's beloved Bedtime Fun Kelly, aka Jill. She was a staple in many of our earliest doll games. And even when Colleen grew bored of her, I still liked to use Teacher for myself. She oftentimes played, you guessed it, the teacher in our scenarios (although many times she was a bit crazy). She's shabby and withered with age, but I still love her to bits and pieces.

One of the greatest mishaps in my doll collecting history was the time Colleen and I were CONVINCED we had a second Teacher Barbie growing up. If you looked at the pictures of Teacher's kids, then you would know we had three sets of them when I was younger. For some reason, I was so sure that I had found a boxed Teacher at the flea market when I was younger, and that's where one of my kid sets originated from. When we first got back into collecting, Colleen and I thought this make believe duplicate Teacher went missing. Before we stopped playing with dolls, we stored them in several old dressers in the basement. We thought Teacher was left behind, and when Dad gave the dressers away, she went with them. But I realized upon further inspection (and more rational thought), that I didn't have any extra accessories, like the chalkboard, which a "boxed" Teacher would have. I was simply remembering wrong. Although we were both relieved to know that we didn't lose a Teacher Barbie, we were sad that we did not have a mint version of her to enjoy, because as I said before, she was an iconic doll to us. So it was one of our missions to find an upgrade Teacher when we got back into dolls in 2011. We saw one boxed at an antique store sometime in 2011/2012, but she was too expensive for us. So when I found the lady on the far left at the local flea market, I had to get her. I think we found her in 2013...maybe 2012. We got her from "Mulan Lady" who is one of our favorite, regular sellers. She wasn't wearing this dress--she was actually sporting a bathrobe and was holding a purse. But I already had this dress waiting for her. She looks just like how our childhood friend looked in the 90s, before she was trashed. I actually think she is prettier too, because her eyes are painted less wonky. She means the world to both Colleen and me, because not only is she really perfect, but she replaces that hole in our hearts that the imaginary "missing" Teacher Barbie left.

Although I adore my two blonde Teacher Barbies to bits and pieces, and they are by far the more sentimental dolls in my collection, the Hispanic version is hands down the prettiest of the trio. I always wanted to collect the African American and Hispanic variations of Teacher Barbie....well not just her, but like any Barbie really. Funnily enough, I had NO idea I bought the Hispanic version of Teacher Barbie back in 2014. I found this girl with a bunch of other dolls at the local flea market. The seller had a deal where you could get six dolls for $5. Most of the dolls had haircuts, but Colleen and I nabbed our painted Ken, vintage Skipper, 2011 "Black Friday" Meygan, and one of our Fun-to-Dress girls. Since this doll caught my eye, I figured I'd make her the sixth one I purchased (the others were body donors with haircuts). While we were returning home, Colleen was inspecting our new treasures and pointed out how cool it was that this girl had one bent arm. I'm not sure which one of us figured it out anymore, but someone realized that she was a Teacher Barbie. Boy were we excited! I also already happened to have a dress for her as well--the perks of a doll being heavily mass produced!
Date: 2015-03-18 22:52:50

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